Our range is as colourful as life itself. With over 200 different items, we provide you with a variety of exotic specialities that is second to none.

Discover our diversity:


Exotic fruits and vegetables have had their place on European plates for a long time. Our supply relationships extend to 5 continents, so we can deliver the vast majority of fruit 365 days a year. Somewhere in the world it is always in season and we know the producers - often for decades.


Always on the lookout for new experiences and special adventures? So are we! While avocados and mangos are already considered classics, we travel the world to find the latest super exotics for you. We are in contact with the locals and recognise trends that will soon come to Europe.


As a supplier of over 200 types of fruit and vegetables, Fairtrade has a very high priority for us. Alongside our customers, the number of fairtrade products is continuously being expanded.


The demand for organic products has increased dramatically in recent years.This development has naturally had an impact on our organic range. In addition to our existing products, our organic range will be expanded by various varieties in the coming years.

What we're proud of


With a big range, sustainability plays just as big a role. In addition to 100% recyclable packaging, we also have a sustainability strategy for our employees, products and planet.

Customers and partners

Good partnerships are built on satisfaction. This is particularly important to us for our customers and partners. We guarantee this with the highest quality standards and constant expansion of our product range.