Quality standards

Quality standards

All TFC products are inspected upon delivery, during their ripening and refining process, and prior to their delivery to our customers.

Quality at its best

No compromises and constant control of the products, from delivery to delivery to our customers. Our quality assurance experts ensure compliance with specifications and thoroughly check for freshness, appearance and taste.

Test procedure

Of course, in addition to sensory tests, the quality of our products is controlled by regular residue checks in internal and accredited external laboratories.

From origin to delivery

Our production site in the Netherlands, like our production, is extensively certified according to regional, national and international labels and food safety standards. We thus offer wholesalers, retailers, the food service industry and consumers maximum transparency and safety. Continuous traceability of all products back to their origin has long been a matter of course for us.

What we're proud of


Perfect ripeness through the latest technology. The Softripe® process uses artificial intelligence to control the ripening of fruit. TFC Holland is one of the first companies in Europe to use this technology, and with great success.


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