Customer solutions

Customer solutions

As a service partner and experienced consultant, we are your contact from product range design to packaging. In the last 30 years, we have achieved a great deal in a spirit of partnership. You profit from it.

Actions for your programs

We know almost all of them and we also procure them for you. We travel the world for you and always discover something new, even after 30 years. True treasures, which you would otherwise only find in distant countries, we bring to your shelves. Together we plan your promotions and deliver on time in the appropriate packaging.

Packing specially according to your requirements

At TFC you decide how you want your exotics, super exotics, fairtrade and organic products in the store. That's why we go a step further when it comes to packaging according to your wishes. In order to be able to pack according to customer specifications, we have fourteen (14) different packing lines available in our own premises. This allows us to pack a wide range of products at the same time.

Packaging Icons

The packaging possibilities are limitless:

From large to small packaging, from flowpacks and trays to bags and packaging with our in-house or their company label. Of course also 100% plastic free.
Packaging Barcode

Additional activities

TFC also handles all other activities that are part of the packaging process. From the application of bar codes, the expiration date, to the weight on the packaging.

Individual labeling

Fresh ingredients - branded with your name. For a special dish, the next cocktail, or the fruity decoration for that vacation feeling at home. We make it possible with individual labeling and you increase the presence of your brand at the point of sale.

Compostable labels

In addition to well-known and proven materials, we also deal with innovations at an early stage. Silphie paper (Made in Germany) or compostable fruit labels - we test all possibilities together with our sister companies and are happy to advise you.

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What we're proud of


We support our growers with our knowledge and experience in certifications required for our common markets. With this approach, we have built on a robust international network over 30 years, supplying exotics from around the world all year round.


Perfect ripeness through the latest technology. The Softripe® process uses artificial intelligence to control the ripening of fruit. TFC Holland is one of the first companies in Europe to use this technology, and with great success.