Customers and partners

Customers and partners

We believe that good partnerships guarantee the quality of our products and consumer satisfaction.
Growing together

Long-standing partners

We have a very long relationship with many of our customers. This strengthens trust on both sides and ensures better products. Even when it comes to technology, it is important to us to develop solutions together in the long term. We are convinced that this is the only way to meet the demands of consumers in the future.

From retail to gastronomy

It is hard to imagine supermarket shelves and restaurant plates without exotics. Together with retailers, wholesalers and restaurants, we have enriched this segment with ever new products and even better quality. In the process, we have jointly recognised trends, successfully capitalised on them and always supplied our customers on time.

Cooperation with food chains

You can now find our exotic fruit and vegetables all over Europe and the Middle East. We are a proud partner of both international food retail chains and local and regional speciality retailers.

Packaging according to the customer's wishes

At TFC, you decide how you want your exotics to look in the shop. That's why we go one step further when it comes to packing according to your wishes. In order to be able to pack according to customer specifications, we have fourteen (14) different packing lines available in our own premises. This allows us to pack a wide range of products at the same time.

What we're proud of


Perfect ripeness through the latest technology. The Softripe® process uses artificial intelligence to control the ripening of fruit. TFC Holland is one of the first companies in Europe to use this technology, and with great success.


Every day we join forces to refine the goods and pack them individually according to the wishes of our customers. From the Netherlands we deliver daily to supermarket chains, specialty stores and wholesale markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.