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Even though the quince is related to apples and pears, it can’t be eaten in the same way. The fruit looks like a pear. An unripe quince has a hard green exterior. The fruit will turn yellow once it’s ripe and the flesh will give off a perfumed fragrance. The quince has a high acidity level. This means it first needs to be cooked or frozen in order to lower this acidity level.


An unripe quince is green and the skin is hard. The fruit will ripen at room temperature. The fruit will turn yellow once it’s ripe. A ripe quince is best stored in the fridge. A quince can’t be eaten raw. The fruit’s flesh will turn from white to dark red once the quince has been cooked. The fruit has a high pectin content and is therefore also very suitable for use in jams and desserts. The quince can be boiled, stewed, baked and pureed too.


Chile, Turkey



January, February, August, September, October, November, December