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There should never be any doubt whatsoever where hygiene and food safety are concerned. This is why TFC offers you complete certainty with three certifications: BRC (Grade A), IFS (Higher Level) and SKAL.

BRC (Grade A) Grade A is the highest achievable level of the BRC certificate. The certificate was created by the British Retail Consortium, a collaboration of British retailers.  An important requirement set by the BRC system is that a quality system is used. The certificate also makes demands on the application of HACCP and the environment, the product, the process and the personnel all need to be included in the quality system. The BRC certificate is very highly regarded and is therefore also recognised by the European Retail Organisation CIES.

IFS (Higher Level) IFS, the abbreviation for International Feature Standards, is a quality standard developed for food processing companies. Companies must satisfy strict requirements where quality and food safety are concerned before they can be considered for certification. The IFS certificate is comparable to the BRC certificate. The system’s initiators are major German retailers.

SKAL Skal Biocontrole oversees organic products in the Netherlands. Skal checks whether the 3300 certified organic entrepreneurs abide by the regulations for organic products. This ensures a consumer can be confident when purchasing organic products.

A company which is active worldwide must also be aware of the social impact its activities have. TFC has been taking responsibility for this since its foundation. We have made some very important steps in recent years where Corporate Social Responsibility is concerned. Not because we think responsible enterprising serves a commercial purpose, but because we actively want to contribute to a better world.

Ambassador of Oxfam Novib We are working on a world with less poverty as Oxfam Novib ambassadors. We do this by stimulating growers in developing countries during the set up of their own company or a collaboration with a number of growers. They receive a fair price for their exotic products. We also support Oxfam Novib with making micro credits available.

Member of Sedex Sedex is an international organisation which actively supports responsible enterprising in production chains. Sedex’s activities are mainly focussed on health, safety, the environment, doing business ethically and working conditions.

BSCI Joining the BSCI has committed FSC to high standards where social conditions in production chains are concerned. Part of the BSCI guidelines are conditions for paying realistic wages and maintaining humane production conditions.

Fairtrade is a strategy that aims to promote sustainable development and to reduce poverty through fairer trade.

FAIRTRADE The main goal of Fairtrade is to make a change to the conventional trading system with the aim of benefitting disadvantaged small producers and workers and increasing their access to markets. These actions can lead to improvements in small producers’ and workers’ social and economic well-being, as well as to their empowerment, and to environmental sustainability.

At TFC we feel that it is our responsability to contribute actively to this cause and support it as much as we can in order to create a world in which all small producers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future.

Since the commencement of our collaboration with Fairtrade in 2016 we have rapidly expanded our range of Fairtrade certified products and currently offer more than 15 fully certified products from 8 different countries.