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The plantain is sometimes also referred to as the cooking banana and is eaten either fried or boiled. The plantain is 30-40 cm in length, longer than an ordinary yellow banana and has a hard skin. The plantain is green, yellow or red-brownish in colour. The plantain is an important part of the meal in many tropical countries, comparable to the potato in the Netherlands. Plantains are mainly grown in South American countries.


Do not store the plantain in the fridge, but at a temperature of approximately 12-18 degrees. The plantain is ripe and best to use once is the skin is completely black. The skin will then be easy to remove by cutting into it across the convex side. Unripened plantains can be used too. As a milky substance is released with unripe plantains, it’s important to thoroughly wash the bananas under running water once they have been peeled.


Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia



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