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Dates are amongst the world’s oldest types of cultivated fruit. Medjoul Dates are fruits from the date palm and grow in countries with a subtropical and/or desert-like climate. The fruits grow in bunches of several dozens, high up in the trees, and change in colour from green to a shiny brown during the ripening process. Dates are very nutritious and have a sweet flavour. They contain more natural sugars than any other fruit.


Dates are ripe when their skin turns a shiny brown. They need to be thick and moist with a shiny skin and a somewhat crunchy structure. Unripened dates are gold in colour. These can be eaten, but will be harder and a little less sweet. They are best ripened at room temperature. Ripe dates can be frozen. Dates can be eaten out of the hand, with or without the skin. You can remove the skin by gently squeezing the end of the fruit. This will loosen the skin. Dates can be steamed, baked or filled.


Israel, Turkey, USA



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