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The mangosteen is a popular type of fruit in the tropics. The fruit has a diameter of 3-8 cm with a thick and smooth skin, which feels firm, tough and leathery to the touch. The skin has a dark brown or deep red/purple colour. There are 4 to 8 thick seeds under the skin, which are covered with soft white flesh. The fruit has a sweet taste and is a little like a lychee. The Chinese believe a mangosteen with four fruit seeds will bring good luck.


The hard skin can easily be removed with a knife or by hand. The white flesh can be eaten out of the hand. The skin and seeds are not edible. A ripe mangosteen can’t be stored for a long time: it will quickly get mouldy on the inside. An unripe mangosteen with some green left in the skin will ripen best at room temperature.


Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica



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