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The lychee is a round or oval shaped fruit with a diameter of 3 to 5 cm, with a striking red skin. The skin feels somewhat leathery and is slightly puckered. The fruit originates from China. The lychee is related to the rambutan. The flesh is glassy white with a firm structure. You will find a large, long, brown pit in the centre which isn’t edible. The fruit has a very sweet taste.


Lychees change colour from green to pinkish red to reddish brown during the ripening process. The hard skin is easy to remove. The fruit can then be peeled and eaten out of the hand. Lychees are also often used in fruit salads. Ripe lychees are best stored in the fridge and can then be kept for approximately 14 days. Unripe lychees will ripen best at room temperature.


Thailand, Mauritius, Madagascar, Israel, South Africa



January, September, October, November, December