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The eryngii is sometimes also referred to as the king oyster mushroom. It’s the largest variant of the oyster mushrooms, with a velvety, light grey-brown hat which stands on top of a strong white stalk. The eryngii has a relatively small hat, measuring 3 to 10 cm in width, when compared to other oyster mushrooms. The king oyster mushroom gives off an almond smell and has a shell-like flavour. It’s a very healthy mushroom: the eryngii contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.


The eryngii must look fresh and smooth when purchased. Clean the mushroom with a brush or a moist cloth. Cut off a small section of the stalk, if necessary. The entire mushroom can be used during the preparation. Eryngii is an ideal mushroom for baking or grilling and can also be eaten raw. The eryngii can be stored in the fridge, covered in foil, for around three days.





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