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The chestnut is the fruit of the chestnut tree. The sweet chestnuts are most commonly eaten. Sweet chestnuts are recognisable by a shell with lots of long, fine spines, similar to a hedgehog. These chestnuts aren’t completely round, but flatter. Chestnuts can be bought both fresh and cooked.


Chestnuts contain a great deal less fat than nuts. They contain vitamins, fibre and protein. The prickly skin first needs to be removed. The chestnut can be eaten raw once the brown skin has been removed. They will taste very nutty like this. When boiling or roasting the chestnuts, use a sharp knife to put a cross at the top. Chestnuts are easiest to peel when they are still warm. Chestnuts can be stored out of the fridge for a week, in a cool, dry place. If in doubt, place the chestnuts in a bowl of water. Chestnuts which come up to the surface are no longer suitable for eating.


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