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There are many different types of avocado. The best known and most consumed types are Hass, Fuerte and Pinkerton. The Hass avocado is ripened at TFC, ensuring the fruit can instantly be consumed after purchase. The skin is relatively hard, dark green to sometimes even black in colour and slightly ribbed. The flesh is soft and creamy like butter, with a high fat content. Inside is a large, round pit.


Do not store the avocado in the fridge: this will disturb the ripening process and will cause accelerated spoiling. The avocado can be stored for 1-5 days (dependent on its ripeness) in a cool place (12-15 degrees). An avocado is ripe when the fruit feels soft to the touch when lightly pressed with the finger. Half the fruit, remove the pit and scoop the soft flesh out of the skin. We recommend sprinkling the fruit with a little lemon juice, as the avocado will quickly turn brown after peeling.


Mexico, Chile, Israel, Kenya, Spain, South Africa, Morocco, Peru



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