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Asparagus are sometimes also referred to as the ‘queen of all vegetables’. Its brief season runs from April to June, but they are the most fragrant, firmest and tastiest in May. Asparagus contain few calories and have diuretic properties. Asparagus are available from TFC all through the year via imports. The best known varieties are the white and green asparagus. However, there is a purple variant as well. Each colour in turn has its own variants too. The white asparagus grows underground and is kept out of direct light. Green asparagus do enjoy a little sunshine. The choice is a matter of personal taste.


Always buy asparagus fresh. Make sure the points are straight and not discoloured. The stems must be shiny, firm and undamaged. Asparagus can be boiled, steamed and grilled.


Thailand, Peru, The Netherlands, Mexico, USA



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