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Artichokes are the large buds of a species of thistle. They can be pointy with thorny points, but can also be round without points. Artichokes are imported from Bretagne (France) from May to September. Artichokes are available from Mediterranean countries for the remainder of the year. The flavour is mild to slightly bitter. Artichokes have a high fibre content.


Fresh artichokes are compact and have a firm leaf which breaks if it’s folded. Cut the stem to a length of around 4-5 cm and remove the woody parts. Also remove the hardest and darkest leaves until only the lightest and softest remain. Cut the top half of the leaf points and scoop out the artichoke. Instantly place the artichoke in a bowl of water after cleaning and add a little lemon juice to avoid discolouration. Don’t use an aluminium pan for cooking, otherwise the artichokes will turn black.


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